Our Story

The idea of six friends was conceived over a quiet dinner with Ian, Brigid, Dave, Michele, Tim and Penny — sometime in 2002.

The vines were planted between 2003 and 2008 at Burnside, Orielton, on a sheltered hillside on the fringe of Tasmania’s Coal River Valley.

With a lot of work, a lot of advice, a lot of hoping and a few more glasses of wine, the idea became a reality.

2014 was both a very sad year and a very good vintage. With the sad loss of one of the Friends, the 2014 vintage was named in Penny’s honour, and it was a very good wine.

The vineyard has continued to mature over the years and the wines have been consistently good.

We endeavour to make the wine the best we can and will continue to produce a premium, boutique, low volume, high quality wine that is typical of Tasmanian Pinot Noir.

Our Wine

Tasmania’s Coal River Valley is acclaimed for its cool climate wines. Six Friend’s Pinot, a wine with heart and a smooth beat, is an exceptional example. All Six Friend’s wines are made from single block, hand-picked grapes and crafted by master winemaker Alain Rousseau, of Frogmore Estate.  

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